• Monkey wood coffee table 55"x30"x16"ht


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    SOLD Shown:  55"x30"x16"ht.  Monkey wood. One of a kind. Bring your own in the openings to make it more personal and a forever changing piece of functional art work.

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    Each piece of wood is hand selected by Sequoia in Thailand.  Contacts made over the years in few villages on dirt roads are constantly on the look out for new finds.  Slabs are first air cured in sun for about 4 to 6 months and then in our kiln in Thailand for about 4 months.  Slabs go through another 4 months of air drying in our Santa Fe warehouse.  This last important step allows these tropical woods to acclimate into the extreme weather conditions of USA.

    We allow the wood to do what it wants to do over this period, release all moisture, stress point crackings etc etc.  Once we feel that the slab has settled fully then we start to work on it into a finished table.

    Idea is to not force but work with the natural character of the wood and to deliver a finished table that is free from any surprises 6 months down the road. Common problems with slabs can be cracking, shifting with weather changes, moisture rising to the surface due to incorrect drying/curing,  table wrapping or starting to look dull etc.

    Over the last nine years working with the slabs Sequoia has learned a lot and always tries to deliver his best.

    Finishing: Tables are sanded down to a smooth silk finish. Sealed with Tung oil and three coats of wipe on Polyurethane.  They require no maintenance and use only a damp cloth for wipe downs.