• Just Missed You by Marti Somers


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    SOLD.  Shown: Just Missed You  -  44 x 44" mixed media on panel 

    by Marti Somers

    In Marti's words......

    My work has everything to do with being personal. What is life without being personal —without expressing the love, and sharing it?

    In Sequoia's words.....

    "If there is one artist whose work takes me straight to God it would be Marti. It always pierces right in the middle of my heart and instantaneously creates a sense of peace, joy and knowing for me.

    It's an elegant understated palate. In the background of her paintings I can see the expansive space of the water, bay, the ocean. Then on the backdrop of that bliss I see a lot of imagery floated in the space that has its roots in mindful thinking. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do."